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What Type of Lighting Do I Need For a Pier?

What Type of Lighting Do I Need For a Pier?

Whether you’re a boater, have a passion for fishing, or simply enjoy the views looking out over the water, having access to a dock or pier can really make life more enjoyable. If you own a Virginia Beach pier, you need to choose the right lighting that won’t just illuminate the night but also set the perfect ambiance. At American Mechanical, we specialize in helping home and business owners capture the perfect mood on the water with the right lighting solutions.

Pier Lighting Options

There are many different lighting options for a pier, and the type you choose will depend on what you are using the pier for. If you’re a restaurant or commercial property, then accent and security lighting that emits a warm, constant glow will be your best option.

Fishing and shipping boats will need stronger, brighter shore lighting and dock wiring that keeps crews and operators safe.

Which Option Works Best for You?

Our electricians can assess your pier and help you make the right decision for your home or your business. Operating a pier means you need to be concerned with both security and safety as well as ambiance.

Piers are best suited with strong accent and security lighting with LED bulbs. Column-mounted lamps and lanterns come in a variety of styles and are ideal for those who want to focus more on cultivating a mood and providing a warm, scenic atmosphere.

Professional companies will require heavy-duty, bright access lights that are mounted on parameter walls. Different finishes will allow you to see exactly what you need during the night while still creating a space that is aesthetically pleasing.

Pier Lighting and Wiring Services

We also offer wiring services to accompany our pier lighting solutions. At American Mechanical, you can find dock wiring, boat lift wiring, shore power and transfer switch services from qualified electricians.

We provide reliable, affordable services and maintenance throughout Virginia Beach. Contact us today to learn more about our pier lighting services and to schedule an appointment with our skilled technicians.

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