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Which is Better For Plumbing, Copper or PEX?

Which is Better For Plumbing, Copper or PEX?

Plumbing is a day to day experience. Many people are faced with the challenge of choosing the best material for their plumbing. People in Virginia Beach looking for plumbing materials either for their plumbing or electrical services have a lot of choices when selecting the right pipes to use. The two commonly used materials in plumbing usually are copper and PEX. However, choosing which of the two to use will come down to, which one will be best suited for your project. We offer a wide range of advice on the two here:

Advantages of using Copper for plumbing

Copper material has a range of uses. It can also be used in plumbing. Several benefits come with the use of copper during plumbing installation:

• Cost friendly. Acquiring copper plumbing fittings in the market is quite cheap as compared to other materials.

• Copper plumbing fittings are reliable, and upon installation, it requires limited maintenance.

• The durability of the copper material is also of high standards as compared to other plumbing materials.

• Copper fittings are also fire resistant and cannot burn, melt or smoke in case of a fire breakout.


Copper materials are not very flexible and cannot bend to the suitability and the desirability of the plumber.

Advantages of PEX in plumbing

PEX materials can also be used in plumbing. Many benefits come with the use of PEX materials in plumbing. They include the following;

• PEX materials are highly flexible and can be bent to suit the needs of the plumber based on the shape and topography of the place or house.

• PEX materials are also resistant to scale and chlorine.

• PEX materials also can be color-coded based on the temperature of the water. Red is for hot water; Blue is cold and white is any temperature.

• The installation of PEX plumbing material is easy and can be done with cinch or crimp rings. It does not require advanced experience.

• Less costly.


PEX plumbing material also has limitations. It has a shorter lifespan, cannot be recycled and also cannot be used in outdoor plumbing as they are susceptible to breakage.

Our professional plumbers will give you the best advice on equipment to use after analyzing your needs and financial situation. Feel free to call us anytime, and we will respond promptly. Our customer care team is always available to answer and give you any advice on the services we offer!
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