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Why a Plumbing Inspection is Important for New Homeowners

Why a Plumbing Inspection is Important for New Homeowners

Buying a new house, existing or brand new, is an exciting occasion. Thus,
it’s crucial to see that everything about your house is right.
Plumbing inspections are not always required as part of the sale. But, it could turn out to
be one of the greatest investments you make in a new residence.

It is easy to determine if a faucet is dripping or spot an area of water
damage indicating a hidden leak. However, finding the
reason for deficiencies like these needs the employment of a skilled plumber.

What Does a Plumbing Inspection Entail?

When you schedule a plumbing inspection, you can expect your plumber to
take a look at the following:

  • Water shutoff valve – Is it working? Is it properly connected?
  • Water pipes – What type of pipes do you have? Are they in good condition, or are they
    showing signs of corrosion?
  • Drainage pipes – Where are they located in the event there’s a clog later on?
  • Water pressure – Is the water pressure too weak, or less commonly, too powerful?
  • Sinks, faucets, and toilets – Are they in good condition? Are they cracked or leaking?
  • Hot water heater – Is it properly installed and vented? Are there any leaks?
  • Connections to water-using appliances – Are the connections tight so there are no leaks?
  • Outdoor faucets – Are there any issues with leaking or water pressure?

When purchasing a secondhand car, everyone claims to have it checked out
by a great mechanic. When purchasing any new home, regardless of its age,
the exact same philosophy should apply. Having a professional inspection
will allow you to learn whether there are any issues that the previous
owner or contractor has to address before you agree to buy the home. Otherwise,
any repairs will be at your cost if you wait to address them until after
you relocate.

Are you looking for an honest plumber in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake,
or Norfolk area?
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