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Why Choose Reme Halo?

Why Choose Reme Halo?

Unfortunately, when most people think about their HVAC systems, they consider
their heating and air conditioning only, without paying mind to some of
the other issues they may have. One issue that is very important to remember,
however, is the quality of the indoor air inside your home. If things
seem to be bad, you should take action as quickly as possible to remedy
the situation and improve the quality of your indoor air.


REME HALO® is an in-duct air purifier that has helped countless homeowners
get the best possible quality of air in their homes and businesses. The
award-winning system is designed to help eliminate sick building syndrome
risks such as odors, air pollutants, and more. It’s not enough to
just change the filters every once in a while. More needs to be done to
ensure the air you are breathing is save for your health.

Problems with Bad Indoor Air Quality

Bad indoor air quality doesn’t just mean there is an issue with the
smell. It could mean that your ducts are home to mold or other bacterial
issues that are commonly found in these areas. When your HVAC unit is
on, these bad particles are blown into the home. Not only can dust, dander,
pollen, and other allergy triggers cause sneezing and serious breathing
issues, the mold can be a danger to the health of everyone in the home.

Once you install a REME HALO®, the risks are drastically reduced, and
now the air purification system will help to kill 99% of germs and issues
that you encounter. In turn, this means a healthier, more comfortable
home you can have confidence in. Your entire home will be covered by the
purifier, meaning no matter where you are, you’re breathing fresh
air void of harmful particles and pollutants.

Our team of Virginia Beach HVAC experts at American Mechanical dedicate
ourselves to helping our customers get the most out of their home. You
shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or threatened in your home and we work
hard to remedy any issues you may be having.

Get the fresh air you deserve. Call us today.

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