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Why Does Your Air Filter Get Dirty So Fast?

Why Does Your Air Filter Get Dirty So Fast?

Common Reasons Your Air Filter Gets Dirty So Quickly

Are you constantly having to replace dirty air filters?
American Mechanical, Inc. highlights some of the common contributing factors to an increased need for
air filter replacements.

Reasons your air filters are getting dirty so fast include:

  • You are using the wrong type of filter – One reason can be that you’re using a one-inch pleated filter. These
    types of filters get dirty very quickly because they are specifically
    designed to catch pretty much all of the airborne contaminants. They are
    made of a very fine mesh that will trap more airborne contaminants. You
    could get an inexpensive disposable fiberglass filter or a filter with
    thicker pleats instead. It is important to contact American Mechanical
    to be sure that your heating and cooling system is working at its peak
  • You are running your AC on the wrong setting – Another reason is that the fan is set to A/C. When your A/C is on the
    thermostat fan will constantly be running causing air too run over the
    air filter continuously and causing it to get dirty more quickly. Your
    thermostat fan should be set to auto which will also help to reduce your
    energy bills.
  • You may have a leak in your air ducts – Leaky air ducts can also cause your filter to clog up and especially
    if it is near your AC unit. Duct leaks will also cause you to pay more
    for your energy bills. If you suspect that you have leaky ducts be sure
    to contact American Mechanical so that they can fix the issue for you.
    Having leaky ducts can mean that you are spending a lot more on your energy
    bills than you should be and you should get it taken care of right away.
    A typical house will lose about 20 to 30 percent of all the air that moves
    through the ducts just because there are leaks, holes, or ducts that are
    not connected properly.
  • You have pets – Your furry friends could be contributing to the indoor air quality in
    your home. Having pets can cause more hair and contaminants to get into
    the air which will eventually end up in your filter. You can help to reduce
    some of the hair that gets into the air by brushing your pets regularly
    as well as bathing your pets often to help keep dirt and dust down that
    may get into the air

Call American Mechanical for Service

You want to consider all of these issues, and American Mechanical will
get your heating and cooling system to work efficiently to keep you comfortable
and to reduce your energy bills. Our staff is comprised of
Master Licensed Contractors and NATE Certified technicians with decades and decades of combined experience in the industry.

We’re the organized and efficient answer you’ve been looking
for to install, repair, and maintain any of your home or business’s
most important features of operation. Our technicians can deliver these
services same-day and on an emergency basis throughout
Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach.

If you’re in need of air filter replacement services in Virginia
Beach, call American Mechanical, Inc. at (757) 703-1529 or
contact us online today!

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