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Why Pick American Mechanical for Gas Line Installations?

Why Pick American Mechanical for Gas Line Installations?

Natural gas is a reliable way to power appliances and warm your home. Having gas lines installed correctly in-home or in your business is extremely vital.

So if you’re looking to remodel or move into a new building, you’ll want someone who holds a master license in gas line services. American Mechanical can provide this service for home and business owners in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. Our staff are trained to handle natural gas.

If you are moving into a new space of your own, remember, if you smell any gas at all, leave the area. Do not turn on any electronic devices. Call your local gas company and report this.

Our Common Gas Line Installation Services

These can include:

  • Fire logs – stay warm and enjoy an indoor fireplace this winter. We’ll install natural gas fire logs in any home or business in the Virginia Beach area.
  • Ranges and cooktops – our plumbers will connect your range or cooktop to your natural gas hookup.
  • Tank water heaters – natural gas powers hot water heaters in order to provide warm water throughout bathrooms, sinks, showers, etc.
  • Furnaces – we’ll connect your gas furnace to a newly installed gas line to ensure efficient heating during cooler months.
  • Outdoor gas grills – many homeowners build beautiful outdoor grills, but still use propane to fuel their grills. Let American Mechanical install a gas line directly to your grill.
  • Outdoor fire pits – don’t worry about finding tinder or keeping wood dry. Let one of our master licensed plumbers install a natural gas line to your outdoor fire pit!
  • Pool heaters – we’ll connect your pool heater to a natural gas line so you can enjoy your pool before and after the summer months.

These installations aren’t always easy, it’s important to contact trained and certified technicians before handling Virginia natural gas.

To schedule residential or commercial gas line installation in Virginia Beach, give American Mechanical a call at (757) 703-1529 or contact our licensed plumbers today!

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