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Why You Should Clean Your Toilet Tank

Why You Should Clean Your Toilet Tank

Don’t forget to clean your toilet tank

When you think about what needs to be washed in your house, you think of
the usual daily chores. You have the countertops, floors, showers, toilets,
sinks, mirrors, laundry, and just regular tidying up. A couple of times
a year, you have in-depth cleaning sessions that may include the garage,
clearing out the fridge, cleaning the rain gutters, and other similar projects.


When it comes to the actual cleanings, you may not realize you are probably
missing a step. While cleaning your toilets, how in-depth does the cleaning
go? Do you take the time to clean inside the tank? Not many people realize
that it needs to be cleaned at least a couple of times a year. If you
do not clean the tank, it can lead to problems. If water is left sitting
in a tank too long, mold and mildew have a chance to grow inside. Also,
dirt and dust can find its way into the tank. If this happens, it can
cause parts to rust or erode, thus affecting the efficiency of your toilet.
Skipping the step to clean your tank can also cause unwanted odors to develop.

If you did not realize that the tanks need to be cleaned as well, you probably
aren’t sure on how to clean them either. First, you would need to
turn off the water to the tank using the shutoff valve. Next, you would
need to flush the toilet to empty the tank. Then, you are ready to scrub
the tank. After you are done scrubbing, you are prepared to turn the water
back on to fill the tank.

How We Can Help

Whether you did not realize your toilet tanks need to be thoroughly cleaned,
or you just went a little too long in between cleanings and the unthinkable
happens to cause your toilet to have issues, here at American Mechanical,
we can help fix your problem. We offer some services including plumbing,
heating and cooling, and generators and electrical services. We also provide
emergency 24 hours, seven days a week service. We are always here for
you whenever an emergency arises.

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