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Will an Indoor Air Purification System Help With Seasonal Allergies?

Will an Indoor Air Purification System Help With Seasonal Allergies?

Living with allergies is tough, and it’s even worse when the winter weather subsides and spring arrives in full-force. Pollen, grass and weeds all pollinate the air and can make your day-to-day life miserable, from red, itchy eyes to a runny nose and endless sneezing and headaches.

Indoor air purification systems are often one of the first suggestions by professionals when you want to improve the air quality in your home. In addition to reducing the level of pollutants in your air, a purification system can also improve your overall health year-round.

How Your Air Conditioner is Worsening Your Seasonal Allergies

Air conditioners have air filters that are responsible for collecting dirt, dander and many common pollutants. When a central unit draws air in from the outdoors, it’s passed through the filter before it reaches your home.

However, an unmaintained system or cheap air filter will not effectively catch all of the bacteria, toxins and microscopic allergens. Running your AC throughout the spring and summer can actually introduce more allergens into your home.

Even with a high-quality air conditioner, lack of a good air filter or purification system can trigger spring allergies and other respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Air Purification Systems for Allergies

An indoor air purifier is easy to install and integrate into your existing HVAC system. Air pollutants, gasses, harmful bacteria and toxins are virtually completely removed from the air through a series of filters before it reaches your home.

An air purifier also reduces odors, neutralizes smoke and traps dust, ensuring that your home’s air always smells fresh.

How to Avoid Seasonal Allergies at Home

  • Always change your clothes after being outside.

  • Do not leave windows or doors open, even with screens. Depending on the severity of your allergies, this could cause pollen to drift indoors and settle in your furniture and carpet fibers.

  • Do not wear shoes inside.

  • Bathe pets regularly and do not allow them on furniture.

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