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Your Plumbing Problems Solved!

Your Plumbing Problems Solved!

If you have experienced weird noises, smells, or ever wondered what you can do to help prevent issues occurring within your pipes, the following questions and answers, may just help.

Why do my pipes hum?

If you hear a humming sound coming from your pipes, it is likely due to changes in water pressure. Your water pressure may not be at the correct level and this can cause humming sounds to come from your pipes. By restoring your water pressure to the correct psi (pounds per square inch) you can prevent the humming sound from occurring.

Why do my pipes bang?

There is nothing worse than pipes that bang and clang. This noise almost sounds like someone banging on the pipes with a hammer, and can be known as a water hammer. Banging can also be caused by high water pressure. This problem can quite often be solved by installing a piece that works as a shock absorber.

What causes my pipes to sweat?

Pipes sweat when the water inside is colder than the air on the outside of the pipes. It is similar to when you have a cold glass of water on a hot day. This sweating can occur more when the air surrounding the pipes is humid. A dehumidifier may help, or a more long term solution is to have your building’s pipes insulated. Anti-sweat valves can also be used and work by keeping the water temperature from getting too cold.

What is the smell coming from my pipes?

You may have noticed a smell coming from your drains quite often this smell is similar to rotten eggs. There are many things that may cause this smell. Your pipes may have buildup inside due to hair, chemicals, food, or other items. This buildup can sit and block air movement in your pipes, resulting in sitting water, which then creates the odor. The best way to eradicate smells is to have a professional flush your pipes.

Why is there a whistling sound coming from my pipes?

If you can hear a whistling sound coming from your pipes, a valve inside the plumbing may have gone bad. Whistling sounds can also be caused by blockages in your pipe. Before you can fix the whistling it will need to be determined where the whistling is coming from. A plumber can help diagnose and fix whistling sounds in your pipes.

What happens if my pipes freeze?

Frozen pipes can burst and create havoc in your home. A pipe that bursts can cause flood damage to occur in your home. If you feel that your pipes may have frozen, contact a professional to have them thawed straight away. Preventative measures such as insulating your pipes can help decrease the chances of experiencing frozen pipes.

If you need help with your pipes, contact us today at American Mechanical. Our expert plumbers can help diagnose and repair your buildings pipes. We offer 24 hour plumbing repair service in Virginia Beach, so that you can be assured we are here when you need us. Contact us today at American Mechanical.

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