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Home Care Agreement

Whole Home Care – Service Partner Plan

For a period of twelve months (from date of purchase), Russell’s and American Mechanical will provide you with a Heating and Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical maintenance to ensure your home is safe, efficient and comfortable for you and your family. Enjoy priority scheduling within 24 hours of an emergency service request! No charge for **diagnostic fees during regular business hours, and receive a 15% discount off of all service and repairs.

HVAC Maintenance Includes:

Two visits for your HVAC unit, typically performed before summer or winter seasons. (Based on seasonality) This includes a visual inspection of all components, safety switches, wheels, coils, belts, pulleys, motor, bearings, relays and contactors. controls and capacitors. Unit wiring will be inspected and tightened, temperatures and pressures checked and recorded, thermostat calibration, and duct work checks for leaks and proper insulation. (Cost covers one HVAC unit. Additional units can be added on for $18.25 additional monthly cost for our monthly membership plan, or an additional $219.00 for annual sign up.)

Plumbing Maintenance Includes:

V isual inspection of all plumbing components (commodes, faucets, drains and shut-off valves) Checking water heater connections, piping, valves and proper operations and absence of leaks. We will tag all shut off valves and educate you on how to secure your water (main, gas if applicable, hot water supply and hose bibbs) as well as drain sediment from your water heater to extend life expectancy. (Does not include tankless water heater maintenance)

Electrical Maintenance Includes:

Thorough visual inspection of your entire electrical system to include your electrical panel ARC fault protection, meter base, house grounding system, main service cable termination, metering devices and surge protectors. Check wiring for proper sizing, tighten loose electrical connections and spot checking of outlets and switches for proper operation.

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Membership Terms and Agreement:

This membership is a contract for a twelve month term. This membership is non-refundable.

**membership does not cover after hours fees or generator diagnostic.

We appreciate you choosing Russell’s and American Mechanical, if you have any questions just ask – We Can Fix It!