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Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?

Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?

If you have a toilet that continually becomes clogged , no matter what you try, it is likely there is an underlying problem that needs to be fixed. Many issues may have an easy fix while others may need a professional plumber. When it comes to emergencies it is good to know you have a 24 hour emergency plumber on call; this can help prevent damage to the area surrounding the toilet.

Reasons Your Toilet Keeps Getting Clogged

  • Incorrect toilet installation – The first thing to work out is if this particular toilet that gets clogged has always been that way or if this is a recent development. If it has always had a clogging issue then the toilet was likely not installed correctly, or the pipes connecting to the toilet are too small or do not vent properly. These issues can cause slow drainage which results in your toilet backing up. Call a plumber to take the toilet out and assess what the problem is.
  • Clogged toilet vent – If your toilet is slow and makes gurgling sounds, this could be due to the toilet vent pipe being clogged. The toilet vent pipe is located on the roof of your house. If you are not comfortable with heights or climbing on your roof then you will want to contact a professional.
  • Pipe obstruction – If the toilet has been newly installed and you are having problems with overflowing, then it is likely that during installation an obstruction in the pipes has occurred. This can also happen if objects that don’t belong in the toilet are flushed. You will need to take the toilet out and assess the pipes for any obstruction. If you can’t find anything obvious then it may be time to contact a plumber.
  • Build up – Build up of objects such as toilet paper, hair, and other paper products can cause a blockage in your toilet. This build up can gradually occur over time and eventually cause the pipes to clog. You may be able to plunge out the buildup depending on how bad it is; otherwise a plumber can use a drain snake to pull items from the drains.
  • Mineral deposits – Mineral deposits can also build up in your pipes and cause them to run slowly, which can cause clogging or a back up. Once again if the plunger doesn’t work you may need to call a professional plumber for clogged toilet repair
  • Poor toilet design – A toilet that does not work properly can also cause constant clogging. It may be that the toilets design is poor and the flush is insufficient; this causes matter not to get pushed through the pipes and cause a back up. The best way around this is to do some research or call a reliable plumbing company and purchase a toilet that has a good reputation.

Regularly cleaning and flushing out your pipes can prevent many of these issues and prevent bigger problems from arising when it comes to your homes plumbing.

Does your toilet keep getting clogged? Call American Mechanical, Inc. for help! Our plumbers can quickly determine the cause of your toilet woes and help get your toilet running properly in no time. Call (757) 899-1554 or contact us online !