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You Might be Ready for Summer, but is Your Air Conditioner?

You Might be Ready for Summer, but is Your Air Conditioner?

The weather is warming up and summer will be here before we know it. There
is nothing worse than your AC failing in the middle of summer ! There are things you can do before summer arrives to make sure your AC
doesn’t fail in the middle of the fierce, Virginia Beach summer heat.

Preparing Your AC for Summer

Clear Obstructions

For your unit to work efficiently, it needs to be able to pull air in.
The first thing you will want to do before switching your AC on is to
make sure the unit outside is clear of obstruction. Check that nothing
is covering or surrounding your unit.

Hose Off Your Unit

Use your hose to wash out the unit, clear any sand, dirt, or dead vegetation
from the unit. You will want to make sure your unit is switched off and
give it plenty of time to dry out completely before you switch your AC on.

Change Your Air Filter

A dirty filter can hinder the air flow and cause blockages that will eventually
cause trouble with your AC unit. A dirty filter can also block air flow
which will stop your home from cooling down properly. Your filter should
be changed at least every 3 months, more so if you have pets. It is a
good idea to
change your air filter out at the beginning of each new season.

Check Your Thermostat

Be sure that your thermostat is functioning properly. If your thermostat
is broken or not working well then it is likely your AC won’t work.
You may also want to consider switching over to a programmable thermostat
before summer arrives. Programmable thermostats can help you reduce your
electricity usage and costs. We offer HVAC services in Virginia Beach,
so call us to have your thermostat inspected or switched out.

Schedule AC Maintenance

Having a professional come in the spring to check and service your HVAC
system can prevent problems from arising in the dead of summer. A professional
will come out to your home and inspect your unit, and they will also clean
and tune up your AC so it runs smoothly. Doing this before summer arrives
will give you confidence that when you switch on your AC on that first
hot day in VA Beach, it will work.

Is It Time to Replace Your AC?

If your unit has exceeded its general life span it may be time to consider
installing a new unit. This can save you money in the long run as new
AC units are made to use less electricity yet will cool your house more
efficiently. Our HVAC specialists can come out and check your unit to
let you know if it may be time to make an upgrade, or we may suggest maintenance
that will help your existing unit run for a few more years.

Having your AC unit serviced before summer arrives will let you power through
the season with a cool house, and it can also prevent costly emergency
calls being made when your AC system fails. Contact us today for
HVAC services in Virginia Beach at American Mechanical Inc.